WingTask is Taskwarrior Everywhere

Inspired at the market use WingTask mobile.
Inspired at the coffee shop use WingTask tablet
Inspired at the office use WingTask desktop.


Mobile Interface

WingTask was designed mobile first with the idea being that you can access Taskwarrior tasks while you're out on the go.

Tablet Interface

WingTask works just fine on tablets. It offers all the same ability to have your tasks available wherever you go with your tablet.

Desktop Interface

Accessing your tasks from the desktop is also an option, some things like filter as you type and drag and drop tasks between projects might make some aspects of Taskwarrior easier with a GUI.

Hosted Sync Server

Using Taskwarrior across multiple devices with sync requires a Taskserver installation, WingTask provides a the server and makes it easy to set up.

Browse Tasks

Browse all pending tasks

The home page shows all pending tasks.

Browse by reports

Taskwarrior reports such as completed, active, are available for browsing.

Browse by project

All open projects are listed and tasks for each project can be browsed.


Perform the same regex searching as provided by Taskwarrior.

Browse by tags

Tasks can be browsed both by user created tags and by Taskwarrior virtual tags

Add and Edit Tasks

Fuzzy picker for tags and projects

Picking tags and projects for a task is make fast and easy by a picker that shows all tags and projects and then quickly allows drillig down to a particular tag with little typing.

Date picker for dates

Dates can be added with a date picker which makes visually dates easier.

Modal popups for Recurrence and Priority

Recurrence for data offers many options which are easier to choose from rather than remember by picking one from a modal popup.

Context Switching


Define a context and then it's available for easy switching which applies a filter to the entire app.

How it Works

WingTask is a complement to Taskwarrior not a replacement

Taskwarrior CLI will always be the most powerful and efficient way to use Taskwarrior.

WingTask will support a subset of functionality geared towards bringing Taskwarrior to devices where it's uncommon to run a terminal.

The optimal use case for WingTask is being on the run and wanting to view and edit tasks on a mobile device.

WingTask will support a subset of functionality of Taskwarrior, if you can do it in Taskwarrior then you might be able to do it in WingTask but if you can't do it in Taskwarrior then you can't do it in WingTask.

Taskwarrior extensions are not supported, so if you have an extension that hooks into when a task added, then it's not possible to use the extension when a task is added to WingTask. Of course you could use the extension when adding a task through TW Cli and then sync the task up to WingTask.

WingTask is a progressive web app

A progressive web app is one that looks and behaves like native app.

Rather than installing the app through Google Play store or Apple App Store, a user visits the app through their mobile browser, and then adds the app icon to their home screen.

Once added to the home screen, launching the app removes the browser bar and replaces it with WingTask's app bar.

Android and IOS currently offer different capabilities for PWAs, at this time both support add to home screen (albeit in different manner). Future plans may include using the app when offline and IOS does not support this right now.

WingTask is a responsive app designed mobile first.

WingTask has a different layout and UI for 4 sets of device viewports: mobile, tablet vertical, tablet horizontal, and desktop

The design philosophy is mobile first, WingTask's first purpose is to provide access to Taskwarrior from a mobile phone, Tablet is second in precedence with Desktop a distant third.

Increasing the utility of touch gestures is favored over mouse clicking and keyboard shortcuts.

WingTask is a hosted Taskserver

Sync via Taskserver up to WingTask is necessary for WingTask clients.

Each user is provided with a download of necessary keys and certs as well as an install script to make client configuration easy.

WingTask enforces SSL and TLS however be advised Taskserver does encrypt stored tasks so your synced tasks are in plain text on the WingTask server.


Free Premium Enterprise
$0 / yr $29 / yr $90,000 / yr
Mobile UI
Tablet UI
Desktop UI
Taskserver Sync
1GB Task Data Storage
Google Calender Integration
Apple Ical Integration
Github Integration
Gitlab Integration
Gitea Integration
Bitbucket Integration
Trello Integration
Jupyter Notebook Integration
Evernote Integration
Email Integration
WingTask Cufflinks
WingTask Golf Club Headcovers
WingTask Caviar Spoon